Just for you

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Happy birthday, my darling husband!
I hope you have fun today. We love you, and want to make the day special, just for you.
I know the sky outside is pure gray and the constant drizzle could be discouraging, but never fear. I’m sure it will stop raining before our scheduled Shakespeare in the park birthday picnic later today. The weather forecast predicts a clear sky in the afternoon. I’m sure the meteorologists will be right, they always are. So we won’t need any umbrellas, and don’t worry, we won’t mind sitting on the damp ground for a few hours. Just for you.

None of us were worried in the least that every time we asked you for your wish list your reply was “music”.  Or that when we asked you to be more specific, you would only say, “I just want music, any kind of music, just music.” We understand, you were trying to make shopping easier, so none of us would stress too much as we frantically searched for just the right present, just for you.

And those shopping trips you took this last week, the trips to the bookstore and the hardware store where you bought yourself books and tools, two items you must know are the only things we have ever been able to get you that you really like, we understand. It wasn’t that you wanted to make shopping for a present harder, oh no. It was just that you needed those things, you really did, and it would have required a superhuman effort on your part to wait to see if anyone wanted to give any of the items to you as a gift. From one of us, just for you.

But in all honesty, it guess it really doesn’t matter how hard you are to shop for, since what really matters is that we love you very, very much. It may look like a book or a cd or a hammer inside that box, but don’t let looks deceive you. What we really wrapped up in bows and ribbons is our love.

From us, just for you.

(Note: My husband decided that it was just too wet for Shakespeare in the Park, so there was no need to sit on the soggy ground in a drizzle after all. He is a good man, my husband.)

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