What did I see?

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I can find no logical explanation. None at all!

You see, last night around midnight I drove to the UW campus to pick up my daughter, who had to stay late to prepare for her finals.

As I pulled into a little side road so I could call her to let her know I had arrived, my headlights illuminated a person sitting with arms resting across folded knees. For a split second I thought it might be my daughter, until I realized that the figure looked more like a male than a female.

Even though the figure was about 100 feet away, I could plainly see a face (which was turned in my direction), two long arms, and two long legs bent at the knees.

I gazed at the figure as I called my daughter, and only looked away when her voice on the phone said she could see my car. It took approximately 2 seconds of scanning to spot my daughter walking toward me from a nearby building.

I glanced back at the figure under the tree and received a shock. The person was no longer there, but in his place there was a raccoon. It scampered to a different tree and began to climb as I watched.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I saw the figure of a person under the tree–clearly saw. The nearest building was at least 20 feet away from the tree. The area was well lit (for midnight). There were no other people around, except for my daughter, who was approaching from a different direction. I only looked away from the tree for a few seconds, and even then the tree was my peripheral vision.

Most strange of all, when I saw the raccoon it was in the exact place where a person had been sitting just seconds earlier.

Like I said earlier, I can find no logical explanation. None at all!

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