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Now I’ve seen everything!

I was looking through the job listings on Craigslist today, and came across a listing that makes me shake my head. In disgust.

The person wrote that a 4 page, double-spaced synthesis paper was needed for his UW class. He would pay $15, but only after the paper was completed and passed successfully through a plagiarism checker.

Really? Was he worried that someone would try to sell him a paper that someone else had written?

Which in my mind would be just what he deserved!

It makes me wonder, does he really know the meaning of plagiarism? Or ethics?

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  1. Veronica R. Tabares

    I found another craigslist ad posted the next day, probably from the same dishonest student. He upped the price to $20, but still claims that the paper must pass a plagiarism test.

    Shame, shame, shame!


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