A glimpse of a glimmer

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A few posts ago I wrote that I wanted to tackle a mystery. It is one of my favorite genres, and I adore the plot twists necessary to keep the story moving along properly.

But what a task! I wasn’t sure if I had the right kind of brain. Could I do it? Should I even try?

So I’ve done no writing for the past couple of weeks. My brain has been on vacation, and as it basked in imaginary sun (we’ve had very little real sun around here), a glimmer of an idea began to form.

It is still keeping itself just out of reach. I can catch a glimpse of it, but I can’t get a really good look at it yet. It eludes my grasp so that I can’t grab hold and run with it.

No matter. It is there. I have the beginning of an idea of a mystery plot. All I need to do now is to sit in a quiet place and focus. As I focus, that glimpse of a glimmer will get brighter, bigger, and closer, until the entire plot is illuminated.

I know this because every book I’ve written so far has begun with just such a glimpse of a glimmer. It is up to me to nurture this glimmer until it reaches its full potential. With my help, it will become a spotlight…a beacon…a bright, shining sun!

I am sooooo ready for this challenge!

This is going to be fun!

What do you think?