Memorial Day Thoughts

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Yesterday was Memorial Day, and I was thrilled to see the local news spend a lot of time reminding people what Memorial Day is all about.  So many Americans have forgotten that it is not just a day off to barbecue, camp, and picnic.

Here in Seattle that forgetfullness is especially rampant. Which isn’t surprising, given that every other car in this town sports an anti-war bumper sticker and parents are told that military recruiters are predators just waiting to snatch their precious children away.

I have lived in Seattle for 20 years now, so I have had the opportunity to see firsthand the attitudes that abound here. The military is viewed with horror. Brainwashing of children begins at a very young age, and they are brought up to believe that the military is a haven for the crazy, the uneducated, and the want-to-be murderers.

Most children in this ultra liberal city are taught that service in the military is to be avoided at all costs. After all, why should they risk their precious skins needlessly? The military is an unnecessary expense. Those things that make us Americans, the freedoms and perks that we all enjoy, are birthrights. No one would ever be able to take them away.

I guess none of the brainwashers has ever had a reason read a history book.

So back to what I began with. The news media did a fantastic job reminding us all that Memorial Day was created to honor those in our military who have fallen.

Honor. The military.

I hope the message got through.

What do you think?