Lost & Found

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Saturday my daughter (I’ll call her T) lost her phone on the bus. The same phone that is absolutely necessary to her life, since it is a lifeline to family and friends, it organizes her schedule, and it even wakes her up in the morning.

Luckily T’s roommate, a quick thinker, immediately texted the missing phone with the message “Please call when you find this phone. The owner needs it back.”

And so a call was received. The young woman on the line said that she had arrived home after work one day to find her little brother in possession of a new phone. He loved it, and had no intention of parting with it. He particulary loved “all the cool art” that was on the phone. (My daughter is an art major, and had taken pictures of her paintings to show us, using her phone.)

Fortunately for my daughter, the older sister had a conscience and was more hard-headed than her little brother. She put the pressure on and convinced the youngster to give up his prize. (Which no longer had service. I immediately disconnected it when I found it was no longer in T’s possession.)

And so, everything turned out okay, right?

Not quite. Today is Thursday, and we still don’t have the phone. Even though we have received several texts from the girl stating that she had turned the phone into Metro’s Lost and Found, the staff of the L&F state that they don’t have it, try again another day.

Nothing like a good run-around to get the blood flowing!

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