eGawkers beware!

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Unless you live in a cave deep in the earth–with no Internet, no television, no newspapers, and no radio–you must have heard about Charlie Sheen’s latest antics. It is very clear that the poor man is no longer slipping into insanity, he has climbed right past the Wall of Reality and is executing a swan dive into the Pit of Delusion that would warrant a 10 in the Olympics.

Now here’s the thing. I don’t understand eGawkers. I was blown away to hear that over 2 million people began to follow Charlie Sheen on Twitter after he began his great descent. Talk about sending the guy the wrong message!

I’ve seen gawkers before, with the worst offenders usually clogging the highway while trying to get a glimpse of every little fender bender.

But 2 million! 2 million in less than 2 days!

Curiosity is one thing, but as these 2 million plus followers inhale the breath of insanity they signed up to receive, I wonder how many of them understand how the brain uses the information it encounters? Do they understand that their reality is built on the building blocks they provide through their daily interactions with the world?

In other words, do they understand that a steady stream of insane rantings…

Over 2 million. My, oh my!

What do you think?