Happy 2011

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A new year has begun!

It is time for us to put aside everything from 2010 and start anew–fresh. Gone are all of last year’s worries, trials, and heartaches. The new year has begun! The new year has begun!

What? Oh, hello Jupiterians, I didn’t see you there. Happy New Year!

No, of course I did not mean that I have no bills I need to pay.

Yes, I still need to work.

No, all the hungry of the world have not been miraculously fed and the homeless given shelter.

Wait, wait wait! Stop all the questions! I understand how confusing this all is to you, but please don’t overthink it. When I say we are leaving last years worries behind I mean…I mean…I mean figuratively.

No, I can’t explain it any better than that. I just want to send out a hope for everyone I know, from the bottom of my heart, that 2011 will be a great year. A year where wishes come true, worries are minimized, and dreams are realized.

What? Of course I don’t mean I want nightmares to come true! Only the good dreams. Besides, those are not the kind of dreams I mean.

What is that you said? Why is the bottom of my heart better than the top for sending out good wishes?

Sigh. How will I ever be able to explain the expression “from the bottom of my heart” to the Jupiterians? Maybe I won’t even try. Instead, I just wish you all a

Happy New Year!

What do you think?