Tears of writing

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This is the very reason I will never, never write a horror story. When I write, I live whatever I am writing. It plays out like a movie in my head, only it is much more real than the typical movie playing in a person’s head.

Today’s writing included the saddest thing I have ever written. Maybe it affected me so much because I rarely write sad scenes, but I had a flash flood of tears that made it necessary for me to top long enough to go get a tissue.
Whew! I am glad that is over. Or at least, over for today. I am nearing the end of the book. I will need to revisit that scene again when I do the next set of rewrites.
Next time, I’ll have tissue ready. Or maybe an entire pillow, just in case it hits me the wrong (or right) way and I really start to sob.

What do you think?