Halloween on my street

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I live on darkest, spookiest, scariest street in the neighborhood, perfect for Halloween–unless you actually enjoy seeing cute little kiddies in their costumes begging for candy.

None of my neighbors decorate very much, most keep Halloween decorations to a bare minimum. As a matter of fact, after 10 years of being the only house on the block to decorate, this year I caved in to peer pressure (aka got lazy) and put out a single lit pumpkin. Just like everybody else.

And so I made my street the perfect Halloween location. Dark, gloomy, and spooky. No orange lights flickering on the doorsteps. No cutouts of witches in windows. No tiny tissue ghosts hanging from tree branches. No creepy music punctuating the air with ghoulish howls and ghostly wails. And most importantly, no trick or treaters.

What am I supposed to do with the punch bowl full of candy I have by the door?

I wonder if Jupiterians like candy.

What do you think?