Pet parents!

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Okay people, it is time for me to clear the air. I cannot hold my peace any longer, especially after the dream I had last night. I shiver when I think of it. It was, well, not so much a dream as a nightmare.

There was danger, there was tension, and there was Pepper, my dog, in a diaper.

It seems that for the purposes of the dream, Pepper was not my pet, but my baby.

I have no doubt why the nightmare tortured my sleep. Every time I turn on the television I am bombarded with pet food commercials aimed at “pet parents”.

I am a pet owner, not a pet parent. I may have 4 wonderful children, but not a one of them is a dog, has a beard, or a hairy chest. (Thank goodness!)

I wish the pet food companies would get it through their heads that dogs have puppies and people have children.


What do you think?