Hitchhiking Jupiterians?

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Oh dear! I really do not know what I should do.

You see, a foreign rights agent requested copies of my books back in July, so my publisher sent out copies of Braumaru, Cerulea, Viridia, and DTA. But the books seem to have never arrived.

You probably think my publisher should just send out more copies.  That could happen, but that is not the problem.

You see, I just realized that I have not seen hide nor hair of the Jupiterians since July. Right about the time the books shipped to China.

It’s just a saying! I know that the Jupiterians are invisible, so no one can see them. That is what makes them so dangerous. That, and their insatiable desire to play jokes.

Did the Jupiterians hitch a ride? Are they at this minute plotting and planning and preparing to play joke after joke on some unsuspecting Chinese citizen? Am I responsible for unleashing the Jupiterians on China?

As I said, oh dear!

What do you think?