Public art?

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Art comes in many shapes, sizes, and mediums and can vary so much that at times it may be overlooked.

Take for example the public art I have been fortunate to pass every day on my block for about 3 years now. Art that I will admit, in my ignorance, that I almost did not recognize as art.

At first I barely noticed it. I thought it was simply a stop-gap measure, a way for the utility company to hold up a weakening pole until a new one could be put in its place.

After all, I had seen similar structures in other parts of the city. Tall giant Xs, looming over the population, keeping electrical wires safely out of roads and walkways. All very similar to the one on my block, all temporary.

My first clue that I had overlooked something special was time. It was only after the poles remained in place over 2 years that the truth began to dawn on me. These were not utilitarian poles, they had another purpose!
Further study strengthened my belief. An abundance of creativity and thought had gone into placing these poles. They simply oozed art.
To begin with, much time and hard work had gone into balancing the poles very precisely, creating the impression of shoes on feet. If you look at just the lower part of the poles, the image of a giant strolling along is clear. The artist must have thought a long time to come up with just the right angle to achieve such a pleasing aspect.
The impression of humaness is furthered by the lovely bowtie the creative genius provided. Just think of the hours of practice required to tie such a knot! What skill! What dexterity!
Yes, it is a thing of beauty. Beauty I can enjoy every day for free.

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