Another book on a shelf

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Don’t think me totally dorky, but I am so excited this morning. I found out that another public library is carrying one of my books!

Look, before you laugh and shake your head, you’ve got to understand life from my point of view. I may not be employed as one at the moment, but I have a librarian’s soul.

No, I didn’t steal some poor librarian’s soul! It is mine, all mine. I am a librarian, and will always be one. I will also always be an archaeologist and a writer. Things you love don’t go away simply because you are not being paid to do the thing.

So it is little wonder that I’m excited that another librarian has honored one of my books by allowing it shelf space. What a concept, they actually used some of their precious budget to buy one of my books to share with the world.

When I put it that way, you can see why I am so excited. Money talks.

So to date, my books are in 6 different library systems across the country. Two systems in Washington state (KCLS and Timberland) 1 in Florida, 1 in Idaho, 1 in Texas, and the new 1 is in Utah.

Wow, what progress–only 45 more states to go!

What do you think?