Take a deep breath…

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Okay, let’s all take a deep breath and calm down. It will work out, just wait and see. My heart will begin to pump at a more reasonable rate, the fear will cease its rush through my veins, and my brain will begin to function normally again.

I know, I know. The economy is not the best. People everywhere are looking for jobs and not being able to find them. And here I go and quit my job. I should have stuck it out. I shouldn’t have quit like that. Now I’ve put my famly in a bind. (See, I wrote famly instead of family. I told you my brain wasn’t working correctly.)

Two months. That was all the time I worked there. A mere 2 months. But to tell the truth, it was 2 of the worst months I’ve ever endured at a workplace. I did not know that such places existed. All nice on the surface, but below the surface–nasty! Spite, back-stabbing, and dishonesty were all brewing in a steamy, gooey mess that escaped periodically through cracks that some people had in their ethics.

It was not for me. It is not the way I work or live–it would have killed my soul.

So I did the only thing possible and resigned.


Note: Not everyone at the company is a seething mass of nastiness. Therefore, I will not name the company to protect the innocent.

What do you think?