You can’t please everyone

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I have google alerts set up for each of my books, so I immediately know when a new review is posted.

Viridia was just reviewed on Amazon, and the reviewer pretty much ripped it to shreds (although she did give it 3 stars). The reviewer said “it was a conclusion of sorts” and that there was “not much else to it either”  and that the last chapter was “completely not necessary.” Whoa Nellie!

Are my feelings hurt? Of course they are. But I’ll survive.

Especially since there are other reviews, ones that don’t rip Viridia to shreds. The review posted at the end of February stated that “Behold the Eye: Viridia, the final installment of this very thrilling trilogy, is just as fantastic, suspenseful and wonderful as Behold the Eye: Braumaru and Cerulea!”

I can hardly believe that both reviews are written about the same book.

There is one consolation about the ripping-to-shreds review. The reviewer must have been more interested than she wanted to admit. She did, after all, willingly read all three of the trilogy. I went back and checked the reviews for Braumaru and Cerulea.

What do you think?