Easter high jinks

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Easter Sunday we had a family get-together. All was well, except for those pesky Jupiterians.

I really don’t know why they adore pranks so much.

It all started with the alarm clock. Someone, and I am pretty sure I know who, changed the time on the clock. Not the alarm, mind you, but the actual clock. So instead of the ham going into the oven at 7 as planned, it was unknowingly put in at 6.

Luckily, the clock change was discovered in time and the ham was not allowed to burn to a crisp. Take that, you jokey Jupiterians. Your plan was foiled!

Unfortunately, the clock stunt was not all the Jupiterians had planned. Each step of the baking process was hindered by practical jokes. I dealt with missing measuring cups and spoons, rearranged spices, misplaced mixing bowls, broken eggs in the carton, spilled flour all over the kitchen, and an oven that kept mysteriously changing temperatures.

Yet, I am happy to report, everything turned out just fine. We had a wonderful, relaxing, fun day.

Maybe, just maybe, one of these days the Jupiterians will tire of their silly jokes. I look forward to the day.

Or do I? The Jupiterians do have a tendency to create chaos, but they also keep boredom at bay.

You just never know what might happen next.

What do you think?