Available for pre-orders

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Wow. That’s about all I can say. Wow.

I was playing around on Amazon, and I found my not-yet-published new book, available for pre-order! Am I excited? You bet I am. I am ecstatic. And surprised. I thought only the high-powered big publishing house books showed up prior to publication.

Of course, it does remind me that there is still work to be done on the book. Those last minute edits have been sitting there waiting for me to complete for over a month. I really need to focus my attention back to the DTA for a bit.

But look:

Isn’t that the most beautiful sight you have ever seen?
What? Oh, you are right. There is no cover image, and no description of the book. I guess I’d better check into it, and make sure those things magically appear.
Hmmmm. It may take a little while, I don’t seem to have my magic wand handy.

What do you think?