Unexpected guests

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I had unexpected guests last week. Not only did they arrive uninvited, but they were rude, obnoxious, and overstayed their welcome.

The funny thing was that at first, I didn’t even know they were here. They were very quiet and good at remaining unobtrusive, at first. But then, they must have tired of hiding, and of staying on their best behavior, because they made their presence felt. And it was ugly, very ugly.

I was forced to put up with them for a most of the week, it seems they are the type of guest that cannot be kicked out, they have to leave on their own.

So watch out, they are very sneaky and might try to creep into your house, like they did mine. You don’t want them, so don’t be fooled.

They call themselves Salmonella. Watch out for them. They are bad, bad news.

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