In search of a diamond

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I spent hours on my hands and knees, carefully dusting every square inch of my floor for my missing diamond. I then used my finger to feel the interior and lid of the jewelry box in case the diamond was somehow just stuck in some corner of the box or the lid.


Fearful that the diamond had become caught in something I had already moved, I sifted through the recycle I had collected that day, shook out all my clothing, and up-ended my dresser drawers so that I could be sure the diamond hadn’t fallen into them.


I was upset. The diamond had a lot of sentimental value for me because it represented my marriage. It also had provided hours of entertainment to cranky and bored children (and sometimes to me, I love the way it sparkles).

But now, I had to admit that it was gone. I gathered my courage and called my husband to break the news.

He was a darling. He consoled me saying, “Don’t worry, when I get home I’ll help you find it.”

And he was right. My superhero husband walked in the door, went into our room, and almost immediately found the diamond. I was very impressed!

It seems that the naughty little diamond was hiding in the one place I had neglected to search. The hinge of the box.

Go figure!

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