Just desserts

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I heard a commercial yesterday. It was for one of those debt relief companies, and spokesperson claimed that his company would work with creditors and make it so “you can live the life you deserve not bogged down with heavy debt.”

I wonder how the company in question knows just what kind of life each person deserves. Do they have, within their company org chart, a person with the title of Director of Just Desserts?

What power that person must have, to be able to read the soul of each person, to know his or her inner beauty (or ugliness), to be able to discern the worthiness of each individual who becomes a customer.

I would have to search my heart long and hard before I placed my life in the hands of such a company. I know I am not a perfect person, so what if my flaws are bad enough that the Director of Just Desserts decides my life should be miserable in every way, except I would not be bogged down by debt?

The thought makes me shudder. It is not worth the risk.

Besides, there is a touch of sulfur in the air every time the commercial plays. I fear it would be a bit too much like making a deal with the devil.

What do you think?