Depression by the book

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Eeeeek! I have an emergency. A book emergency.

It is Viridia. I checked on the little fella today, and was shocked to find that it had gone into a deep decline. I had no clue it was feeling so depressed.

Well, to be honest, I didn’t even know that books could get depressed. I thought they just sat happily on shelves waiting to be read.

But look for yourself. Viridia is in such a bad shape that I could barely recognize it.

Poor Viridia!
I feel so guilty. It is all my fault. I asked loads of people to review Braumaru and Cerulea, but Viridia got left out, neglected, and pushed aside.

There is only one thing to do, one way to bring Viridia back from the brink. But I cannot do it myself. I need your help.

It is a dangerous mission, but if you have courage I know you will succeed.
Viridia can be saved.

All you need to do is write a review on Amazon. Show Viridia that you care.

And since Viridia is a green book (usually), you will be helping our planet be a little greener, so we all win!

3 thoughts on “Depression by the book

  1. Susan_Pettrone

    Veronica! I will do my best to bring Veridia back to life! I have read the first two and thought them to be delightful…so much so that I am keeping them for not only my children but for my far in the future grandchildren! Look soon for my reviews! It is a wonderful book….my only regret…is that it ended the series! Best wishes!

  2. Susan_Pettrone

    Never fear Veronica! I will do my best to revitalize Veridia by writing reviews of it and sharing them across the internet! It is a delightful book and I have several young friends I am looking forward to purchasing it for to begin them on the journey of a lifetime! Thank you taking ME, an adult on a wonderful adventure as well! Best wishes!


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