Half-way done!

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Success! (Or at least, half success!)

This morning I reached the halfway mark. I am now officially halfway finished with the last rewrites I need to do of the DTA. I was beginning to feel I’d never get here.

So much for finishing them all before the end of summer.

I don’t understand what has slowed me down so much, but every time I start work the phone rings, or the dog barks, or my computer won’t work, or something else happens to keep me from progressing like I should.

Giggles? Do I hear giggles? Jupiterians, are you here?

What do you mean, you hope I liked your jokes? What jokes?

You were the ones who called me on the phone and hung up as soon as I answered? You made the dog bark? You made my computer suddenly shut down? Why?

I see. They were great jokes. I can tell you really have enjoyed the pranks you’ve pulled.

What is that? They weren’t just pranks, they were for my own good? How so?

Well I appreciate your concern, but I really don’t see how getting the manuscript finished sooner rather than later will hurt anything.

You want to make sure I don’t publish until next year? Well there is no fear of that now. But why will 2010 be a better year than 2009?

You say it is because of 20 divided by 10. And what exactly does 20 divided by 10 mean to you?

Yes, well, it is 2 for me too.

Laugh away, Jupiterians. Laugh away.

It must be a cultural thing.

What do you think?