It’s a heat wave!

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It’s 102 degrees outside. It’s a heat wave! Love it!

Inside my house is pleasant, but I must admit that outside is rather hot. So hot that my usually outdoorsy dog, Pepper, won’t set a foot outside unless it is absolutely necessary.

If anyone is brave enough to open the front door Pepper’s natural curiosity makes her get up to investigate. But she doesn’t get any further than sticking her nose out of the door. I guess her curiosity is like coconut butter–it just melts away in the heat.

She is spending her day moving from cool spot of floor to cool spot of floor. I can’t say I blame her. She is, after all, covered from head to foot with thick black fur.

My husband, on the other hand, I don’t understand. He began to complain of the heat early in the day, while I still felt a tad chilled. What will he do if he needs to go outside for some reason?

Anyway, it is nice to not be cold for a change. I think I’ll enjoy the heat wave while I can. From inside the house, of course. Where it is bearable!

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