Pepper’s favorite food

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It had been many years since I had a dog. As a matter of fact, the last time I had a dog for any length of time was when I was a child.

So did I forget what dogs ate, or are Schnoodles unique?

If Pepper (our Schnoodle) was allowed to eat whatever she wanted her diet would consist of 5 main food groups: the front yard, paper, wood, socks, and plastic.

It is bad enough that she eats our yard, but things inside our house aren’t safe either. Around our house, “my dog ate my homework” isn’t a joke, it is a fact. Anything left on the floor or on a low table is fair game for Pepper. Homework, books, credit cards, sunglasses, pens, pencils…you name it, she has probably consumed it.

I wonder who I should talk to to correct the name of her breed. She isn’t a Schnoodle, she’s a Schnoodloat.

They didn’t really mean to leave out that she was part goat, did they?

Ummmm, or did they?

What do you think?