DTA – done!

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I’m happy to say that this morning I finished the Department of Temporal Adjustment (working title)!

It is such a satisfying feeling to complete a book. This book represents 2 years worth of hard work, 2 years of Saturday mornings spent on my computer, and 2 years of fun!

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. The hard work isn’t really over yet. I now need to let it “brew” for a few months, and then I need to read it from start to finish. Again. I’m sure I’ll make a few changes here and there.

And then the publishing process will begin.

In the meantime, I have two more books fighting to get out of my brain. One is a picture book, and the other is a YA novel.

I wonder if I can work on both at the same time?

My, my, my. Haven’t I got a lot of fun times ahead of me!

What do you think?