First Annual Timberland Olympia Book Fair

Wow! That about sums up my first visit to Olympia, and the Timberland Olympia Library.

How can there be so many nice people all in one spot? At the hotel, in the restaurants, in the library…I didn’t see a sour one in the bunch.

Do they drink different water there than we do here in Seattle? Not that Seattle people are cranky–but if you talk to more than 20 of us you are sure to find a few sour grapes.

Here is the publicized list of the authors (my name excluded since you already know me), there’s not a bad one in the bunch! Note: I am of course speaking of their personalities–I haven’t yet had time to read all their books. I’ve italicized (and in most cases linked) to the authors whose books I bought. Wouldn’t it be great if I had enough money to buy from all the authors?

Peter Bacho, Gayla Balter, Hal Burton, Rod Davis, Llyn De Danaan, Lavada Dee, Todd Denny, Ulla Giesecke, Burt Guttman, Allison Imel Hamza, Jerry L. Kelley, Richard Kelley, Anthea Lawson, Wilfried Lippmann, Elizabeth Lonseth, Nikki McClure, Joe McDonald, Joe McHugh, Tony McKennon, John Perkins, Jan Pierson, Kathleen Powers, Mary Ellen Psaltis, Bill Ransom, Jon S. Robbins, Govinda Rosling, Gilbert Rossing, Joli Sandoz & Joby Winans, Douglas Schuler, Theresa Scott, Kathleen Shaputis, J.R. Stoddard, Gayle Ivory Strom, Ann Wendell, Kyung Soon Yun (I got this list from two different sources, so hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out.)

I can honestly say that the first annual Timberland Olympia Book Fair was a wonderful experience for me. Even if I didn’t sell….

Is that snickering I hear?

Jupiterians. I should have known I’d hear from you soon. What have you done now?


Please tell me you didn’t!

Sigh. One day, the Jupiterians will return home and my life will get easier. It’s little wonder that people just smiled at me and moved on.

Those Jupiterians really pulled a good one on me this time. I never even thought to double check the prices on my sign.

What did all those nice people in Olympia think, when they read my posted price and discovered that I believed my books should cost $1500 apiece?

Sigh. They must have thought I was one piece short of a whole pie.


What do you think?