Thank you Jupiterians!

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I applaud your self-restraint! Not only did you stay away from my daughter’s wedding–allowing it to be beautiful, wonderful, and event-free–but the absence of your pranks for an entire week was a wonderful respite. Just what I needed. I never knew you could be so kind.

What is that you say? You didn’t know anything about the wedding? How can that be, when we’ve been preparing for it for months!

You’ve been gone on vacation for how long? Yes, I understand that it does take quite a while to travel back to your home world. And you being gone that long does explain you not realizing something special was going on.

But wait a minute, just last week someone moved my keys three times, the dog was acting crazy for no reason, and I tripped for no apparent reason.

Why are you snickering? What is so funny?

I am not forgetful, of course I realize the dog is still a puppy, and I do not have big feet!

Okay, I’ll give you that. My feet are gigantic compared to your feet. Your feet are so tiny I can’t even see them. But please, give me a break. Wouldn’t I look funny trying to walk around in your shoes?

What do you think?