Failure–my friend

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I’m not afraid of failure, and why should I be?

Every failure, every mistake, every struggle makes me a stronger person, or at least they can if I take the time to pay attention to the lessons they can teach me.

I remember when I was a gymnast and I practiced for hours and hours every day. Almost never was I able to accomplish a new move perfectly the first time. It took try after try, flop after flop, until I would get the move down right. But even though throughout those many tries I would make so many mistakes that there was no way I could consciously keep track, I didn’t mind. I knew that my mind and my body were both learning from the mistakes, and that it was only a matter of time before everything would come together and the move would be perfected.

The same holds true in all other aspects of my life. When I have somethng new to accomplish I rarely hesitate out of fear. I don’t agonize over mistakes, since I know all I need to do is pick myself up, dust myself off, and try again. I will succeed, if I only keep trying long enough.

Which is why I say failure is my friend. As long as I continue to have periodic failures, I can continue to grow, to learn, and to succeed.

**Okay, this is really funny. I’ve already tried to publish this post 9 times unsuccessfully. If you see this, you’ll know that I kept on trying, and succeeded the 10th time.

***Actually, it was more like the 20th, but who’s counting!

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