My writing quirks

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Everyone who writes has one. The little ritual that a writer will follow to get into the right frame of mind to write. Don’t get me wrong, writing can occur if the routine isn’t followed, but it won’t be as efficient or satisfying.

Somehow, I’ve created an awkward ritual for myself. One that I can only follow if I have the buy-in of my family.

For me to have optimal writing time, I need to wake up in the morning, make a cup of coffee, and begin writing. The trick is, no one can talk to me.

It all began years ago, when the only time I could write was early in the morning while everyone else slept. So I got into the habit of rising early and immediately throwing myself into my task, usually before I even became fully awake.

Lately, everyone’s schedules have changed and my former routine no longer works. I’ve resorted to other methods of carving out writing time.

Take this week for example. I’m lucky enough to have this week off of work, and lucky enough that other members of my household do too. So how to write?

Thursday night, a not-to-be-named person in my house really wanted a popsicle. So much so that this person agreed to make it easy for me to write this week, if I would go to the store and buy the desired treat. You had better believe I had the car keys in my hand and was out the door in a flash.

What is a short drive to the store compared to a blissful week of writing? There is no comparison, let me tell you!

What do you think?