Merry Christmas

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There are still a few days to go, but outside it looks like the perfect Christmas card.

Looking out my window I can see about 8 inches of snow piled up on our fence. It is still early morning, so there is very little contrast between the white of the snow and the pale gray of the sky. But still, it is beautiful.

What is it about snow? It can turn the ugliest landscape into a thing of beauty. Even town dumps are transformed. Gone are the dirty piles of trash and discarded couches, they are magically replaced by pristine white mountains, seemingly untouched by mankind.

I guess every so often, God wants to remind us that there is a ton of beauty in the world. We only have to look at things the right way.

So we are given the gift of snow. It is cold, wet, potentially dangerous, but painfully beautiful.

Thank you God.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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