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Rrrrrrip, scratch, scratch, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

The strange noises broke through to my consciousness. But I’m tough. I shook my head to clear it, refocused on my computer screen, and resumed my writing. Whatever was making that noise could wait until I reached the end of the chapter.


Scratch, rip, shuffle.

The noises continued, but for me they were only background static. I was in my story, fully focused, totally oblivious to the world around me.

Until I heard the high-pitched squeal of a puppy in pain. The sound of a creature in pain is unmistakeable, and impossible to ignore.

But where was she? I knew she was in the house, somewhere.

The squeal alerted my daughter to possible trouble, and she began to search for her pup.

Rrrrrip, scratch, scatch, shuffle, rrrrrrrrip.

There was that annoying noise again! But now my daughter was on the trail and she had discovered that it was coming from under the stairs, the same place she suspected the puppy was hiding.

My daughter investigated, and reported her discovery. Now there is yet another fact my family can add to the “things I didn’t know about puppies” list.

Did you know that puppies can chew holes through walls?

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