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Spiders, everywhere I look there are big, black, long-legged spiders. But none of the people around me, all wearing matching Hawaiian shirts, seem to be the least bothered. They just go about their business, oblivious to the possible dangers that abound.

Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain on the palm of my hand, immediately followed by another. I look at my hand in horror, because there, on my open palm, are two of those horrible creatures injecting me with their venom.

I frantically shake my hand to dislodge the spiders and look to see what damage is done. Already the venom is beginning to take effect. Two large, white bulbs of goo are growing, expanding like balloons on a helium machine. The pain becomes almost unbearable.

What can I do? I know there is an antidote for the venom. I must find it fast. I must find the antidote before…

And I wake up.

But even awake, the anxious feeling stays. For the next few hours, the world is still populated with oblivious people in Hawaiian shirts. The spiders still abound, and I still need to find the antidote.

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