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New Book for Young Adults Traversing the Landscape of Dreams


Braumaru, a new book for young adults by first-time author Veronica Tabares, takes its readers on an expedition through the magical world of dreams.

“A fortunate few get to experience the rarest dream of all,” says Tabares. “This brand of dream has no connection to the imagination and does not occur in the human head. Instead, it happens in a realm of its own – in the baffling, mysterious, and dangerous land of dreams.”

Braumaru, the first book in the Behold the Eye trilogy, follows Micah, a young boy who lives in a world very similar to our own. Micah has completed his Rite of Passage, but he awaits true manhood, when his birth gift reveals itself.

Meanwhile, Vickie, a 6th-grader in our world, wants some excitement in her life. In her attempt to write a ghostly bestseller, she begins to truly observe her world and its mysteries. That is how she crosses paths with an unscrupulous janitor who hopes to travel to Micah’s world and satisfy his quest for power.

“What happens when someone discovers how to travel through the land of dreams, and the lives of our world become entwined with those of the other dimension” says Tabares. “Read Braumaru to make that timeless, magical journey yourself.”

About Veronica Tabares

Raised in Memphis, Veronica Tabares has traveled across many states and career fields. She has sold artwork to businesses, produced web content for a tech company, performed story time as a children’s librarian, and taught 6th graders how to be safe on the Internet. Tabares has a Bachelor’s in Anthropology and a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington. She currently lives in Seattle with her husband and four lovely daughters. For more information, please visit Behold the Eye: Braumaru (

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