History, again!

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While we were deciding and planning to go to college, I worked hard to set us up financially as well as I could. I made sure we had no bills, and we actually had a little in savings.

I must say, going to school with a family was the hardest, and most rewarding, thing I’ve ever done (except write).

I say family instead of 3 kids because after 1 quarter at UW, I became pregnant with my 4th.

You don’t know joy until you’ve had to run from one class to another, across a huge campus, pregnant, in the rain (UW is in Seatle).

Since I had little ones, I learned some very valuable lessons early on. Procrastination was out. If I even hesitated a little before I started an assignment, a child was sure to get ill and I would need to stay up all night being a mommy.

I became a lean, mean, studying machine. Efficiency should have become my middle name. But I like the middle name I was born with, so I decided to keep it.

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